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Why GO Pull-It Pays More for Your Junk Car

August 21, 2015

No Middle Man

When you sell your junk car to GO Pull-It, you rest assured that you are getting the highest value for your car.  Why? Because we pay you cash for your vehicle on the spot.  There is no middle man that offers you a lower price so he can turn around a sell it to a recycler for higher.  Middle men come in all shapes and forms.  Tow truck drivers who promise to tow your car to the salvage yard for free, but give you a far less price so they can sell your car to the highest bidder.  The internet company that promises to pay you money for your car, but then you have to wait weeks for a check, all for them to make more money off your car by selling it to the highest bidding salvage yard. Don’t let someone else a take a cut.  Sell your car to a local, brick and mortar salvage yard that has a reputation for paying that highest price.

Sell Directly to a Recycler

You can also guarantee that we have pay a higher price when you sell your vehicle to us because we are the recycler.  We look at your junk car from a parts and scrap perspective and make an offer based on scrap market prices and retail desirability.  The more we think we can sell off your vehicle, the more we will pay you.

But wait, this guy offered me more money!

Sometimes you will be lured in with a higher quote from a salvage yard that may not have the best reputation.  This is called bait and switch.  They will bait you with a higher quote, have a tow driver come pick up the car and switch to a lower offer for your car.  Always make sure you get cash in hand for the price you were originally quoted before you hand over the title or keys to the car. Always do your research and get more than one quote before you agree to sell your car. When you call GO Pull-It for a quote, you will be paid the exact amount of the original quote at the time of pick up and nothing less.

We service Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.  We offer free towing that fits your schedule at the Beaches, St. Augustine, Nassau County, Baldwin and even into Georgia.  Get an instant quote on your junk car and call to schedule your free car pick up today!

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