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How to Avoid Being Scammed When Selling Your Junk Car

July 17, 2015

Getting the best deal when selling your junk car does not have to be hard. Here are a few tips on how to avoid being scammed when selling your vehicle.

It is always better to do business with a licensed salvage yard

Selling your junk car to a licensed salvage yard is a better choice for several reasons. First, you can have peace of mind that your car will be processed in an environmentally responsible way. Second, you are eliminating the middleman, meaning more cash in your pocket. Last, licensed salvage yards fill out the proper paperwork for you, making the process fast and easy. Make sure to sign your title and put the person you are selling the car to on the title.

Get multiple quotes to make sure you are getting market value

Call or go online to several local, licensed salvage yards in your area and get quotes from each company. Does the yard offer free towing? Do they pick up same day or work around your schedule? Are they a reputable company with good reviews from real customers? Consider these factors before selling your junk car.

Sell directly to the auto recycler, not a towing company

Selling directly to an auto recycler eliminates the middleman (the towing company). The tow company will charge you a fee to tow the car away and an additional fee for finding your car and selling it to a salvage yard for you. Cut out the middleman, and get more cash in your pocket for your junk car. Most licensed salvage yards will tow your vehicle for free.

Always demand payment at the time of the sale

Never surrender your car or title without getting paid. One way companies will try to scam customers is by promising to pay by mail at a later date and never actually sending the payment. Demand payment at the time of the transaction. Make sure they are paying you the amount they quoted you. Many companies will try to lower the quote at the time of sale or pick up. Do not sell your junk car for less than the original quoted price.

Sell to a local brick and mortar company, not an Internet referral company

Internet referral companies sell your junk car to local auto recyclers for more money than what they paid you for the car. Also, since they are not a local company, chances are they cannot pick up your car. This also applies to donating your car. Do you know what charity the car is being donated to? How will they pick up your car if they are not a local company? Do your research before trusting any company to sell your vehicle.

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