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Why Sell Your Junk Car to a Licensed Salvage Yard?

July 6, 2015

After you have decided it is best to sell that old junk car you have been hanging on to for so long, it is time to figure out just exactly whom you want to sell it to. The best place to start is by searching for Salvage yards in your area. Look at the reviews; are they reputable? Is the salvage yard you have chosen known for giving its customers the best price and customer service? Are they licensed?

Dealing with a licensed Salvage yard is always the better choice. This ensures that, when you sell your junk car, the facility you sell it to are experts in the End-of-Life vehicle process and that your junk car will be processed according to rules and regulations. Properly depolluting and recycling a car is a legal environmental responsibility. It not only keeps harmful materials out of landfills, it also recycles steel and other material for reuse by end consumers. By selling to a licensed yard, you can rest assured that professional recyclers will recycle your junk car the right way every time. Want to know exactly what happens to your car after you sell it to GO Pull-It? Take a look at the process here.

Another reason dealing with licensed salvage yards is your best bet, is because End-of-Life facilities like GO Pull-It do all the paperwork for you and staff a full time title clerk, making it easy for you to transfer your title over and get your junk vehicle picked up for free with our free towing option.

By dealing directly with a licensed salvage yard, you also eliminate the middleman. Most online junk car buyers are only referral sources or towing companies in which they pay a fee for each junk car they buy, leaving less money for the original seller. GO Pull-It is the recycler, so there are no referral services or tow companies getting a cut of your CASH. Skip the middleman; get more money. It’s that easy!

Have we convinced you that selling to a reputable, licensed salvage yard is the best choice available? Check out our Sell Your Car Tool now to get an instant quote for your junk car!

Supporting your local Salvage yard in your community can also mean you are supporting local charities! GO Pull-It donates cars to the local Fire Departments and other non-profit organizations in the area. They take special pride in being a proactive part of the community. Want to donate your car to benefit a charity in Jacksonville? Visit our Donate page to find out how:

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