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What Happens to Your Junk Car After You Sell It to a Salvage Yard?

July 25, 2020

You are ready to part with that junk car that has been taking up space on your property for years. It is beyond repair and better off at the salvage yard where it will be recycled and this means cash in your pocket. After some searching for reputable salvage yards in your area, you decide to sell that old car of yours. But what happens to your beloved junk car after it has been sold?

EOL Vehicle VIN Numbers are Taken Out of the DMV System

An End-of-Life Vehicle is described as vehicles that have come to the end of its useful life either by natural wear and tear or by accidents, fires, floods, etc.

First, your End-of-Life junk vehicle’s VIN number is taken out of the DMV system. This ensures that no one can purchase your car, fix it, and sell it without the consumer knowing it was a salvage vehicle.

EOL Vehicles are Recycled

Once the vehicles arrive at the salvage yard, they are then depolluted and useful parts are pulled by customers. What remains is then processed further, crushed and recycled. Recycling a car keeps 11 million tons of steel and 800,000 non-ferrous metals out of landfills and back in consumer use. The steel is then sold to processors and manufacturers who then use it to make new consumer goods. Today, almost 25% of steel comes from recycled metal.

The salvage yard will separate all the different materials and depollute the junk vehicle: lead batteries, copper wiring, aluminum wheels/parts, plastics, rubber, steel, and precious metals (palladium, platinum). These can either be reused by the yard or sold to consumers. De-pollution is a process in which all End-of-Life vehicles go through in order to make sure it is recycled properly. Many materials found in junk cars, like mercury switches, airbags, antifreeze, etc., can be harmful to the environment and must be disposed of by a licensed facility. Other materials like oil, fuels, and coolants can also be reused or sold.

So, What About the Parts?

Some End-Of-Life facilities, like GO Pull-It, inventory the vehicle and sell the parts to consumers. The process starts by depolluting the car, letting consumers pull their own parts, then dismantle the junk car and recycle what is left. Last year alone, almost 7,000 cars were recycled.

Now that you know what GO Pull-It will do with your junk car, get an instant quote for your vehicle now with our Sell Your Car Tool! Or, if you are interested in seeing our inventory of quality used auto parts, check out our inventory.

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