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We Buy Junk Cars in Jacksonville

Goodbye Old Car,
Hello New Cash!

Running or not — we’ll buy your well-loved car for cash. We keep it simple: fill out the form, and we’ll give you a straightforward offer. We’ll even pick it up for free.

Here’s How We Buy Junk Cars in Jacksonville

Instant Quote

Call our Jacksonville yard or use our pricing tool to get an instant offer.


Schedule your junk car pickup and make sure to clean out your car before we arrive.

Free Pickup

We offer free pick up within a 25-mile radius of GO Pull-It Jacksonville. Or, get extra cash for your junk car by driving it to us!

Get Cash

Get full payment on the spot. No added fees, no worries.

Why Choose to Sell Your Junk Car to GO Pull-It Jacksonville?

Sell It Direct and Get More Cash!

At GO Pull-It Jacksonville, we don’t believe in using referral agencies who slash the cash they pay out. Skip the middleman – and you can put more dollars directly in your pocket. You want cash. We want your car. It’s that simple.

Sell Your Car On Your Schedule!

Our local drivers show up on time – every time – and you’ll have cash or check in hand within 15 minutes. You’ll easily recognize us by our branded vehicles and GO Pull-It uniforms. The best part: You won’t find any hidden fees, overblown commissions or unexpected costs at GO Pull-It Jacksonville.

We’ve Got Your Back

Consider us your friendly neighborhood Jacksonville junk yard. We employ local men and women, and believe in giving back to the community that built us. Give us a call or schedule a pick-up – and you’ll speak to someone right here in the area.

Read Our Reviews

Lisa J., Google Review
“They gave me the better deal on my old running car. They offered more money than any other place I called. The tow driver that came was really nice too. I would recommend.”
Oslyn R., Google Review
“They bought my car, came to my house and picked it up for free at the time they said they would. The tow truck driver was very nice, very professional and he did everything in a great timely manner. He made it a great experience and it didn’t feel awkward at all. I recommend them to anybody who is trying to sell a car.”
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Keith J., Google Review
“Thank you for such a positive experience with your driver JV. He came to pick two vans from me and was so professional with his approach on how to retrieve the vehicle WITHOUT any damage to my property. He took the time to explain what I needed to do in regard to the paperwork. This is the number one reason GO Pull-It is changing the savage parts business hiring very knowledgeable and caring employees!! Thanks GO Pull-It!!!”
Kevin R., Google Review
“Justin came to pick up my truck — couldn’t have been an easier process. Super friendly guy, yet still no nonsense or trying to pull any tricks. Would definitely recommend GO Pull-It and Justin to any of my friends.”
Justin S., Facebook Review
“Awesome people! We called a few different junk yards to come get my extra crispy Suzuki and they were not only rude but wouldn’t come get the car. The GO Pull-It staff was very friendly and helpful. If you’re car caught on fire and you don’t know who to call, call them. They gave us a very reasonable offer, and most importantly, promptly came and got the car out of our yard. The flatbed driver Jay that came and got it was also very nice and professional — really a nice experience all the way around. Thanks guys!”

FAQs about Selling Your Junk Car in Jacksonville 

How much do you pay for vehicles?

We typically pay between $200-$800+ for complete vehicles.

How is price determined?

There are several factors that go into pricing an end-of-life or “junk” vehicle, but weight and completeness are the biggest factors. We eventually sell all our vehicles to steel shredders by weight, so the heavier your vehicle, the more we usually pay. We also sell parts off the vehicle, so the more complete and full of parts, the better. In addition to these factors, there are also market fluctuations, and some vehicles will have a higher demand for parts.

I don’t have my title. Will you still buy my vehicle?

Yes! State law allows us to buy vehicles without the title present, under the following guidelines: The vehicle must be older than 10 model years, it must have a value of less than $1000.00 dollars, and we have to fill out some paperwork, get your thumbprint and a copy of your driver’s license. We do these all the time and will do all the work!

Does GO Pull-It pay with cash or check?

We pay with both depending on your location and state statutes.

Do you charge for pick up?

We offer FREE pickup within a 25-mile radius of GO Pull-It. Or, get extra cash by driving it to us!

My car has a lien, can you buy it?

Depending on the age of the lien, we may be able to still buy your car. Liens must be older than 3 years, and we have to notify the lienholder we are buying your car.

Are you going to fix and resell my car?

We are an end-of-life facility, so all the vehicles we buy are depolluted. Then, we allow customers to pull parts they need and eventually, the car or truck is completely dismantled and all the parts are recycled. Last year, we recycled almost 20,000 cars.

How can you pay more than the other guys?

When you deal with GO Pull-It, you are dealing direct with a locally owned business. We are the recycler, so we don’t resell your car to someone else. We are not a tow company or referral service who is buying your car and then reselling it for more money to a recycler. Skip the middleman and get paid more. It’s that simple!

Why did somebody else give me a slightly higher estimated price range for buying my car?

Some companies bait you into doing business with them by giving you an unrealistic quote, then drop the price when they come to pick up your car. If you answer a few questions when we quote you, we promise to pay you what you are quoted — no surprises or changes. You can get a quote online at today!

I work during the day, can you pick up my car at night or on the weekend?

Yes!!!! Just give us a call and we will get you on the schedule. Our drivers will call you 30 minutes prior to arrival, so know exactly when we are on our way.

I have a car someone left on my property, will you buy it?

No. You need to call a local towing company and have the vehicle impounded. They will come tow the vehicle away for free.

Do I have to do any paperwork?

No. We have full time title clerks that will do all of the paperwork needed to transfer your vehicle. Our friendly drivers will show you exactly where to sign your title or forms. All you need to do is let us know when you want your car picked up.

I don’t have my keys, is that ok?

No problem. Running or not, keys or not, we can pick up your car. We only ask that it is accessible for our tow truck to pick it up. We try to make sure we get all the cars on the schedule picked up, so if your car is not accessible when the driver arrives, we will have to reschedule another pick up.

I have a buddy who is offering me more for my truck, why won’t you pay that much?

If your vehicle is still road worthy and you sell it to a private party that is going to drive it, you can sometimes get more for your car. We are an end-of-life facility, so we don’t take that extra value into account when pricing a vehicle. We look at it from a parts and scrap perspective and make an offer based on scrap markets and retail desirability.



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