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MakeModelYearRowVINDate Placed In YardImages 
FORDFOCUS20156081FADP3K21FL23810908/08/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20086081FAHP34NX8W21606807/28/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20006083FAFP3130YR13692307/20/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20076081FAFP34N37W19730507/19/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20096071FAHP35N59W15125707/14/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20026073FAFP31352R23114507/07/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20016073FAFP31381R20643307/06/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20086071FAHP35N68W25025007/06/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20106061FAHP3HN5AW25560407/01/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20076061FAFP37NX7W17401706/22/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20056063FAFP37N95R12230006/22/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20026051FAFP34P72W20993506/14/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20156021FADP3F28FL33912506/01/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20056031FAFP34N05W29223805/12/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20076021FAHP34N67W20948605/11/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20106021FAHP3FN5AW27873805/04/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20126021FAHP3F24CL24149505/04/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20136021FADP3F28DL33148805/04/22More Info
FORDFOCUS20146021FADP3F22EL25800605/02/22More Info

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