How It Works

New to used auto parts? Watch this video and see how to pull like a pro and
save over 40% on our used auto parts.

Once you're done, be sure to check out our safety and return policies before using the yard!

  • Step 1


    Let us look up your parts and let you know where exactly in the lot it is.

  • Step 2


    Pay a small $3 fee for admission per person. You must be 18 to enter or 16 when accompanied with an adult.

  • Step 3

    Go Pull It

    Using your tools you can pull any parts you need! We even offer engine hoists if needed.

  • Step 4


    Bring your parts to the counter and count the savings. Ask about our parts warranties too!

Yard Rules & Safety Policies

  • blow torch

    No Blow Torches

    Cutting torches of any kind are not permitted on premesis.
  • WD-40

    Bring Lubricants / WD-40

    Lubricating spray can help remove parts that are stubborn or slightly rusted.
  • boots

    Wear Appropriate Clothes

    No sandals or open-toed shoes are permitted. Wear safety goggles and jeans for protection.
  • tools

    Bring your own tools

    We do not sell or loan tools and don't provide outlets, so bring your own manual or battery operated tools.
  • car jacks

    No Car Jacks

    Cars are on stands and are easily accessible, so car jacks of any kind are not permitted.
  • engine parts

    Pull Only Needed Parts

    Some assemblies have multiple parts attached, so make sure you only pull the parts you plan to pay for.
Please advise! Your safety and the safety of other customers is top priority. Please read and understand all of our safety policies before using the yard.
  • You must be 18 to enter or 16 when accompanied with an adult.
  • We only accept cash or credit checks.
  • GO Pull-It reserves the right to deny admission to anyone.
  • You are allowed to bring portable compressors and generators.
  • No jacks are allowed, as all parts are easily accessible.
  • Bring your own tools, for we do not loan or rent tools.
  • Part(s) you bring into the yard must be clearly marked by one of our employees before entering the yard.
  • Any part(s) that do not carry our marking will be considered to be the property of GO Pull-It.
  • GO Pull-It reserves the right to check all tool boxes, totes, bags, cases, etc., upon leaving the yard.
  • Any theft or vandalism will be reported and prosecuted.
  • The yard is clearly marked notifying customers the area of business and the areas that are off limits to customers.
  • Fluids have been drained and batteries removed.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in the yard.
  • Sandals or open toe shoes are not permitted.
  • Torches are not permitted.
  • No pets allowed in the yard.
  • Anyone not obeying our rules and policies, or we feel is a threat to the safety of others will be asked to leave.
  • If a vehicle is wrecked it means it was driving when wrecked.
  • Check part prices before removing any part(s).
  • Bring your own hand and battery operated tools.
  • Engine hoist and wheel barrows are available for use (please return when done).
  • All parts are accessible, therefore you do not need jacks and they are not permitted in the yard.
  • All vehicles are conveniently grouped together in sections by make.
  • Some parts may interchange with other models.
  • New vehicles arrive daily if you are not able to locate a part, let our sales staff help you locate the part.
  • Your safety is our priority, so please report any unsafe conditions or actions to a GO Pull-It employee.
  • Wear the appropriate clothing such as, safety glasses, closed toe shoes, jeans or coveralls.
  • If you are pulling a heavy part bring another person to help you out.

Parts Interchange / Cross-reference System

GO Pull-It's proprietary interchange lists all interchanges or comparable part options for almost every car or light truck on the road. This remarkable resource tells you which OEM parts from one vehicle fit or "interchange with" another vehicle. Using GO Pull-It's part interchange will broaden your part options, help you find less costly alternatives, and you pocket the savings.

This is a completely FREE service we provide to you and share with every customer. Visit us any time to use our parts interchange.

Example 1

Buick Starter

You are looking for a starter for a '99 Buick Lesabre, but did you know 11 other cars were built with that same starter?

  • BONNEVILLE 1998-2001
  • CAMARO 1998-2001
  • EIGHTY EIGHT 1998-1999
  • FIREBIRD 1998-2001
  • GRAND PRIX 1998-2000
  • INTRIGUE 1998-1999
  • LESABRE 1998-2001
  • LUMINA CAR 1998-1999
  • MONTE CARLO 1998-2000
  • PARK AVENUE 1998-2001
  • REGAL 1998-2000

Example 2

Chevy Pickup Engine

Need a whole engine assembly for a 1998 Chevy 1500 Pickup? Well you're in luck since this engine can be found in 12 other vehicles as well.

  • CHEVROLET VAN 1996-2002
  • GMC VAN 1996-2002
  • CHEVY 1500 PICKUP 1996-1999
  • CHEVY 2500 PICKUP 1996-2000
  • CHEVY 3500 PICKUP 1996-2000
  • GMC 1500 PICKUP 1996-1999
  • GMC 2500 PICKUP 1996-2000
  • GMC 3500 PICKUP 1996-2000
  • ESCALADE 1999-2000
  • CHEVY TAHOE 1996-2000
  • GMC YUKON 1996-2000
  • CHEVY SUBURBAN 1996-1999

GO Pull-It Yard Map

GO Pull-It Yard Map


What is a "Self Serve Auto Parts Recycler"?

GO Pull-It's store displays thousands of junked cars and trucks on stands, arranged in rows, and separated by manufacturer. Bring your own tools to remove the parts, drive train components or any other accessories you need to fix or improve your car.

Why should I remove my own parts?

GO Pull-It's philosophy is: since you do all the work, you enjoy all the savings. Our parts are sold at a fraction of what a dealer would charge and well below the cost of a traditional auto parts yard.

If you would like to have someone pull your part, please visit or contact our Full-service Whole Sale yard at GO Auto Recycling.

Why buy auto parts from GO Pull-It?

  1. Using our quality recycled parts saves money, energy, resources and landfill space.
  2. Quality parts at unbelievably low prices saving you up 75% of retail pricing.
  3. Our huge inventory includes lots of hard-to-find parts.
  4. Our parts are generally considerably less expensive than traditional parts sources.
  5. Our shopping experience and excellent customer service can't be beat.
  6. New vehicles arrive daily to ensure a fresh, wide selection of parts.
  7. Our easy to use website lets you check inventory and get an instant quote for cash for your junk car.
  8. Our computerized Parts Interchange System identifies all vehicles containing the part you need.
  9. Worry-free purchasing thanks to our 30-day parts return policy. If a part breaks or doesn't fit in your vehicle, you are welcome to come back and pull another similar part or return the part for a store credit.
  10. We accept all major credit and debit cards and cash. (Sorry, no checks.)
  11. Open 7 days a week for your purchasing convenience.

Can I expect to find high-quality parts?

Yes! Most of the parts at GO Pull-It are the original components the manufacturer installed when the car was built.

What happens if the part does not work or fit properly?

If the part you bought does not work or fit properly and you return it within 30 days of purchase, you can exchange your part or return it for a store credit.

Why do you charge a small entrance fee and environmental fee on purchases?

Our minimal fees help to offset the expenses of maintaining a state-of-the-art auto parts recycling center.

What is a CORE charge and why do some parts have them?

CORE stands for Cash on Receipt of Exchange. To insure that as many parts get recycled as possible, a CORE charge is added to the purchase price of some parts. The CORE charge is refunded if your original part is returned to us within 30 days of purchase. Think of a core charge just as you would a deposit.

Do you charge to use a wheelbarrow or engine hoist?

Both a wheelbarrow and an engine hoist are available for your use, free of charge. No other tools are provided.

Do you buy junked autos? How much do you pay?

Yes! We do buy junked vehicles even if they no longer run. The value of a car varies depending on the model and condition of the car. To find out how much we'd be willing to pay for your car, click here.

Will you remove my car or do I have to deliver it to you?

We'd be happy to arrange towing for you. However, if you bring it to us, we typically pay more for your junked auto.

I've checked the inventory and couldn't find the car that matches the model I need parts for. Does that mean you don't have the part I need?

Many parts are used on more than one car model. We provide a FREE in-store, interchange system to locate other vehicles that have the exact same parts. With over 1,500 vehicles on location, chances are good we have what you need. Check out our Interchange System in action.

Accepted Payments

Prices are the same for all makes, models and years. We accept cash and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Sorry, but we cannot accept personal checks.

Accepted Cards

Return Policy

You must keep the original receipt in order for us to process any part return, core return or exchange.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you may return the original part that was purchased within 30 days of the original purchase. Item must be the original part purchased, must be properly marked with the GO Pull-It marking and you must have the purchase receipt. Items can be exchanged for matching parts or you can return the part and get a store credit for the amount you paid for the part less the enviromental fee. Labor to pull the replacement part from our yard or to install the part is not included. Parts disassembled after purchase cannot be exchanged or returned.

Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this Exchange Policy.

This Exchange Policy is only available to the original purchaser.

GO Pull-It does not provide a refund nor an in store credit for admission fees.

GO Pull-It will not accept any returned item after 30 days from the original purchase date unless a 1 year extened warranty was purchased. We will not accept returns on parts disassembled after purchase. Be sure to find a GO Pull-It employee to mark your parts after purchase in case you need to return them.